• Dawn Lockson

    Dawn Lockson

    "The shortest line from A to B, god dammit. Quit tiptoeing around, you look ridiculous."
  • James Callahan

    James Callahan

    "Knowledge is a thing to be wielded and respected, not feared."
  • Korel Steelfangs

    Korel Steelfangs

    "Just give me one more shot. Shit...okay, two more."
  • Locke Mildeux

    Locke Mildeux

    "Hey, HEY! I know MAGIC, BACK OFF!"
  • Radcliffe Roedan

    Radcliffe Roedan

    "That's not...yeah, sure, why not."
  • Severn Kurford

    Severn Kurford

    "If my faith is blind then I choose not to see."
  • Solena Sengar

    Solena Sengar

    "Hurry up, please! These gnolls aren't going to - EYAGH! - kill themselves!"
  • Val C'Tan

    Val C'Tan

    "I've got a baaaad feeling about this..."