Bradley Borsford


Bradley Borsford, Mayor of Caldrin City, has maintained his grip on power in the city for 15 years, thanks in part to the Carthwright’s refusal to get involved in city politics (the money and respectability of the Carthwright name would grant them the ability to manipulate the political infrastructure however they pleased). He is regarded as one of the city’s least effective leaders, and is known for casually dipping into city funds to pay for personal luxuries such as private boats, whores, and opulent parties. Borsford’s political friends can count on inexplicable bumps in polls and elections, or strange events and scandals that break on opponents. Most of the people in the city have grown tired of Borsford’s misguided programs and seeming apathy regarding the dismal state of the city, leaving the ‘busywork’ to advisors and underlings.

Borsford is also known for introducing several controversial laws and programs to the city, such as the Fang Rock Hospital Program, meant to reeducate and recondition youths with ‘unnatural’ desires, primarily homosexuals. He was also responsible for the Skull Inquisition, which searched out and sentenced to death anyone within the city walls that claimed to worship Wee Jas, goddess of death and magic.

Borsford was the chief of the Guard during the series of events leading to the attempt on King Gregor V’s life 20 years ago, and used the incident for political gains, allowing him to beat out other candidates for the mayor’s office and maintain popularity for the first half of his incumbency. Because of his track record and reputation, the Borsford family has more than its fair share of enemies, and some have even called his involvement in the elimination of the Cult of the Skull into question, suggesting that it was the Captain of the Guard at the time who was responsible for pushing to act against the cultists.

Bradley Borsford

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