Caldrin City

Caldrin City is the bustling capital of Murksong Province, home to a more diverse population than anywhere else in Kurdor and the single largest provider of trade goods in the kingdom. It’s productive industrial district and famed Gildenrod Exchange have earned it the nickname “Steam City”, and it has a reputation for being a bastion of prosperity and technological development.

Established by Brong Caldrin in the year 1205 as ’Caldrin’s Tavern for Tired Miners’, it quickly evolved into a township as merchants and traders set up shop to account for the demands of the Bruxheim and Mantor miners. Within the decade, all manner of trades were represented at Caldrin Port, everything from blacksmiths and armorers, to exotic cobblers and haberdasheries, fisheries, and farms. By the year 1275, Caldrin had grown tenfold.

In 1277 the province was deemed large enough to deserve its own parliament and branch of the royal governance, and in traditional fashion a hearing was held at The Crown to decide upon a capital city. Many were in favor of the dwarven enclave at Mount Mantor receiving the title, but a month prior to the hearings the honorable Carthwright family had announced that it would be moving its estate to Cazé Ridge, an unprecedented event for such a noble and long lived family. The move was enough to sway the hearing towards the christening of Caldrin City as the new capital of Murksong.

Growth in Caldrin slowed for a time after the Bruxheim Mine was exhausted and abandoned, until 1304, when Gar and Greta Gildenrod unveiled the very first steam engine and put it on display in Caldrin town square. Within a few years all manner of machines had been developed to aid the everyman in his constant toil, and a few savvy investors moved to Caldrin to build factories to process the bountiful natural resources the island offered.

With the new jobs and technology acting as a shot in the arm of progress, growth exploded, and immigrants poured into the port every day from as far as Verdalia and Northvale. The city now boasts the fastest growing economy in the kingdom and has a sterling reputation amongst the people of Kurdor.

Today, Caldrin City is divided into 8 districts, each with a council of democratically elected representatives. The 8 district councils all report to the mayorship, presently held by former Caldrin Guard chief, Bradley Borsford, whose office is also responsible for the Caldrin Guard. The Caldrin Mayorship in turn answers to the Murksong Parliament, which meets monthly within Mount Mantor.

Since the collapse of operations at Bruxheim Mine, the city derives most of its income from exports of construction materials (wood and stone) and its enormous fishing industry. The Mount Gurig stonecutters provide cheap and reliable stone for a third of Kurdor, and the waters of Boulder Bay are said to teem with more life than almost anywhere else in the world The fishermen have earned a status uncommon of such a humble profession, and many in Kurdor have heard stories of the hard working ‘dwarven fishermen’ of Caldrin City. Many of the fisheries in the Dock District operate on shifts, and only shut down on kingdom holidays.

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