Carthwright family

Few who come to Caldrin have not heard of the Carthwrights, who many claim are responsible for the city’s rise to power in the Murksong Province. The title of ‘Capital City’, it is said, would have gone to the dwarven enclave at Mount Mantor, had the Carthwrights not established such a regal presence at Caldrin Port 47 years ago.

The Carthwright family line is said to stretch back almost as far in Kurmic lore as the tyrannical Gregor I, though this is debated. Many royal historians that have taken an interest in the Carthwrights note that they have had definite (though mysterious) involvements in many of the major events in the last 600 years, such as the Red Revolution, the Massacre at Mount Kalpeak, the Mass Excommunications at Northvale, and even the much more recent attempt on King Gregor V’s life. There has been much speculation about what their actual involvement in these events has been, and without access to the family’s private records this is mostly hearsay. The family is notorious for its protection of its secrets, and has been known to hurt and kill those foolish enough to threaten Carthwright secrecy.

Scholars and philanthropists, the Carthwright family is responsible for many of the landmarks within the city walls. Carthwright University, located in the center of the Cazé district, is a world renowned collection of knowledge, and many hungry souls make thousand-mile voyages for the chance to browse the university’s thousands of books, or have a conversation with their world famous professors. On the other side of town, the family is responsible for Carthwright Graveyard and the attached Church of the Final Sun, the most ornate and well maintained graveyard in Murksong Province.

Despite their positive public image and frequent donations to projects and programs around the city, very little is known of the Carthwrights private lives or activities. The family is known to detest politics and avoid involvement with the mundane games of power played by many of the city’s corrupt officials. Their estate is patrolled by a full personal militia of expertly trained soldiers, and they are almost never seen outside of their home. Very rarely, young members of the family will voyage out into the world on pilgrimages for knowledge, or freedom. The youngest member of the family, 17-year-old Clarissa, has been known to indulge a shopping habit from time to time, and is always escorted to market by a full entourage of bodyguards and advisors.

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Carthwright family

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