Firearms are relatively new in Kurdor. The first models were unveiled by a young man named Charles Westfield 20 years prior, and he now owns and operates the Westfield Armory in Southvale, responsible for outfitting most of the guards and soldiers in Kurdor with top-of-the-line ballistic weapons.

Guns are common enough in this setting for everyone to know what they are, but rare enough for most to not have them. Among the thieves and ruffians in the cities of the world, having a gun is seen as the most important symbol of status, and they are deeply coveted by those in the criminal underworld without them.

There are 3 ‘big time’ producers of firearms in Kurdor, makers of fine, quality weapons that you can count on in a pinch: Westfield, Laurien, and Duranog. There are also tons of firearms made by amateurs, crooks and hobbyists, sold on the black market; deaths from backfires and explosions are common among the owners of such handiwork.

Presently, there are only four classes of firearm in Kurdor: Rifles, Pistols, Punchers (also called crunchers, these are nasty devices coupling the effects of brass knuckles with the effects of a single-shot pistol) and Hand Cannons. Punchers are the cheapest to make, the most dangerous to use, and the least effective long range, and have enjoyed a good amount of popularity with criminals and killers looking for a low profile method of delivering a fatal blow. Rifles and Hand Cannons see little to no use outside of military application, and the bulk of firearm sales goes to pistols.

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