Kurdor is the largest kingdom in the land of Kurlmia (pronounced KUR-mee-uh, I know, them fuckin dorfs and their spelling), united under the banner of Gregor I in the year 975. Geographically speaking it has the largest landmass of all the good nations in Kurlmia, almost stretching from the Bittersnap Sea to the Red Ocean. It borders Thetes and Nordham in the west, and Goldshire in the east, and is sheltered from the wild tribes of the Bitter Wastes by Joxen’s Divide, a range of mountains stretching all across the kingdom’s northern edge.

Kurdor was originally a scattered nation of dwarven tribes, and today the dwarven population is still significantly higher than that of any other race. Humans are the second most prevalent, with many having migrated from Thetes and Nordham into kinder climes. After that are the gnomes (who entertain a heightened status in Kurdor thanks to the prevalence of competent gnomish engineers and jewelers), and lastly, the Elves, who rarely make the voyage over Mount Kalpeak and leave their comfortable, safe home in Cal Sylvan. Other, more exotic races are incredibly rare in Kurdor, and many with goblinoid blood have learned to not even show their faces, as the people have shown themselves to harbor a deep, cultural hatred for the races of the north.

Most of the kingdom is grassy plains and wetlands, and its fertile soil has fostered the growth of the largest farms in the world. The capital city was built in a crater where the Rigo and Krulsen Rivers meet, and is a marvel of engineering known as The Crown. It was named for the crater which rises around it.

Politically, Kurdor is broken into 13 provinces, though this information is as of yet unimportant.

Murksong Island is the newest province of Kurdor. The island’s dense wealth of precious metals, gemstones, rare and exotic trees and fish has made it an enormous contributor to the wealth of the kingdom, and a valuable asset to the Crown.

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