Murksong Island

Murksong Island is the youngest province of Kurdor. An island that sits just 100 miles south of Southvale, it has become an incredibly valuable territory and is very dense in precious resources.

The first explorers on Murksong arrived in approximately 1200 KE and were amazed by the natural beauty of the place; a thick, overgrown forest contrasted with beautiful beaches and grasslands, and a snow-capped mountain range in the north, all surrounded by warm seas and cool winds. The first expedition managed to establish that the island was beautiful and fertile, and the second expedition managed to establish that the forest was absolutely infested with vicious, brutal packs of Gnolls. These less fortunate explorers were also the ones that discovered the presence of silver AND gold in the earth on Murksong.

Soon several brave souls uprooted from the mainland and came to Murksong with hopes of establishing a successful mining operation. The only one with any success in this department was Susan Franklin, who was stubborn enough to head straight into Bruxheim Forest (named after the captain of the second expedition, who was killed by Gnolls) where she believed the precious metals would be most prevalent. Amazingly, she was right, and her mining operation took off thanks to the now-abandoned Bruxheim Mine. However, Susan was killed by Gnolls shortly after amassing her small fortune, leaving the entire sum to her niece Jiona, who went on to become the first noble on Murksong.

As more and more people flocked to the new province, other parts of the island received attention. The mountains Gurig and Mantor were chosen by King Gregor IV to house royal interests, and they went on to become the Royal Tomb and the Defender Academy, respectively. Most of the incoming travelers came in through Caldrin Port, as it was located near both the Bruxheim Mine and Mount Mantor, two bustling sites of industry in need of many workers. Mount Mantor, once an active volcano, still had a good amount of volcanic activity going on deep inside of it and was designated a Magma Forge for the good of the Kurdic military. A small town had begun to spring up inside of Mount Mantor, of craftsmen and merchants, warriors and miners, and it seemed that Mantor would become the capital city of this young new province. However, that changed when the noble Carthwright family made its presence known on a cliff overlooking Caldrin Port known as Cazé Ridge. Their political influence shifted the balance.

Further expeditions into the island, through the Bruxheim Forest and around the southern edge of the island led people to Blackwell Island, Murksong’s smaller, older sister. There was a glade discovered in the woods on Blackwell that was particularly receptive to magic of all sorts, and it became a mecca for scholars and spellcasters. Soon a beautiful shrine was built in the glade, known as the Farseer’s Shrine, and many make the long journey to the shrine each year.

The lighthouse at Nicksburg is the largest in the kingdom, and casts a light that can be seen from the mainland.

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